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Veterinary Science is the science of diagnosing, treating and curing the diverse types of diseases in birds and animals. It broadly covers the study of animal physiology, treatment and prevention of diseases among animals. It also involves taking care of animal health and scientific breeding as well as handling of livestock.

Insights in Veterinary Science is a journal initiated and promoted by HSP to publish meticulously peer-reviewed manuscripts disseminating latest research on prevention, control, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases of animals and on the basic welfare as well as care of animals.

Insights in Veterinary Science transcends veterinary research to a novel level that includes publishing the studies of spontaneously occurring and experimentally induced models of both human and animal disease and research at human-animal interfaces, such as food safety, wildlife and ecosystem health.

Reasons for Publishing

The centrality of Veterinary Research and its critical role at the interface between human and animal health are often misunderstood and undervalued. This can be proven by the fact that veterinary medicine is fundamentally a human health activity and all activities of veterinary scientists affect human health either directly through biomedical research and public health work or indirectly by addressing domestic animal, wildlife, or environmental health.

Therefore Insights in Veterinary Science took the responsibility to publish manuscripts that can provide insights on the role of veterinary scientists to protect human health and to provide solutions for current and future animal and human health problems. The manuscripts published in Insights in Veterinary Science also seeks to address the growing concern about wildlife preservation and endangered species and growing recognition of the value of wildlife as custodians for environmental health.

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