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Livestock insurance a tool to reduce economical loss of farmers from climate change related Hazards

Ananta Koirala* and Priyanka Bhandari

Published: 23 July, 2018 | Volume 2 - Issue 1 | Pages: 005-008

Climate change brings extreme events like drought, landslide, flood and anticipated more constraint to profitable livestock production causing huge economical loss in the livestock sector of the country. Deaths of livestock and damage to farms and farm infrastructure is causing a huge loss, small livestock holders are highly venerable to such climatic hazards. So to cope with these uncertain climatic hazards livestock insurance is the one of the best strategies. This study reveals that different climatic hazards is been experienced by the livestock holders of Kaski, Dolakha and Jhapa district of Nepal, 62% of the respondent has observed the change in climate. Of the total respondents perceived around 47% farmer have insured their livestock in Kaski district, 33% in Jhapa and 20 % in Dolakha district. Beside the proper vaccination, deworming, management and feeding of animals people are insuring their livestock assets due to uncertain in the climatic pattern and its consequences, this shows that livestock insurance is the one of the tool to mitigate with changing climate and climate relate hazard in livestock sector of Nepal.

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Climate change; Insurance; Livestock holders; Climatic hazards


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