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Anatomical changes of the development of red Sokoto goat stomach

Bello A*, Joseph OA, Onua JE, Onyeanusib BI, Umaru MA and Bodinga HA

Published: 03 March, 2020 | Volume 4 - Issue 1 | Pages: 004-009

This study is aimed at investigating the age related changes in postnatal development of red Sokoto goat stomach. In this study, a total of ten red Sokoto goat digestive tract samples were used and they were grouped into five (5) age categories (group A to E). The goat ages were estimated using dentition eruption and wearing. The stomach was identified and separated from the other part of digestive tract. The gross study revealed that the stomach was composed of four (4) segments that named; rumen, reticulum, omasum and abomasum with anatomical demarcations between them. The biometric study of weight, length, width, thickness, and volume was found to be increasing with advancement in postnatal ages with the following valves shows the mean value of weight, length, width, thickness and volume were to be 29 to 58.0 (g), 23.5, to 52.1 (cm), 15.4 to 29.0 (cm), 0.48 to 1.0 (mm) and102 to 432 (cm3) from group A to group E respectively. Based on the above findings it was suggested that more research should be conducted using histological techniques and electron microscopy in order to finalize on the findings.

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Age; Rumen; Development; Stomach; Red Sokoto Goat; Reticulum; Omasum


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