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Comparative Osteometric study of some selected bones of local domestic turkey and guinea fowl

Bello Abdulrahman* and Aisha Yusuf

Published: 17 March, 2021 | Volume 5 - Issue 1 | Pages: 008-014

The research was conducted in the Gross section of Veterinary Anatomy laboratory with the aim of preparation and comparing some skeleton bones of local domestic turkey and guinea fowl. Samples were purchased, sacrifice, feather and excess flesh were removed and boiled using water to produce the bones. The duration of process was recorded. Comparative biometry study was conducted on some selected bones (scapular, coracoid, furcular and tibiotarsus) and the bones were mounted using wooden stand, copper wire, and adhesive gum with the aim of enhancing avian teaching. Based on the processes of the research. It was recommended to use plastic materials in production of skeletal models to avoid deterioration of bones for proper teaching in veterinary anatomy.

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Local domestic turkey; Guinea fowl; Scapular; Coracoid; Furcular; Tibiotarsus


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